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post-title 30 Days to Healthy Living & Beyond programme

30 Days to Healthy Living & Beyond programme

30 Days to Healthy Living & Beyond programme

30 Days to Healthy Living & Beyond programme


As we hurtle into summer many of you are keen to knuckle down with a focused nutrition plan to feel and look your best for summer. We work closely with Jo Williams of Arbonne for our nutrition and so in response to popular demand we have decided to issue a 30 day challenge to all of you would like to accept it.

30 Days to Healthy Living & Beyond programme supported by Arbonne Essentials nutrition range.

It’s a very cost effective plan, at just £7.17 per day and takes care of your breakfast and lunchtime meals in two energy drinks per day, fantastic supplements to sort the gut out, fibre boost and a brilliant detox tea. All you need to add is a healthy evening meal. The plan entails: no alcohol, gluten, dairy, processed foods or refined sugars and is designed to re-educate your body. Far from a faddy diet this is about scrapping bad habits and creating new sustainable ones. It’s a master plan in weaning the body off those destructive sugar cravings.

We will also be offering loads of online support, recipes and ideas so that everyone who chooses to pick up the gauntlet can cheer each other on. Strength in numbers – we can smash this out in June, it’s only 30 days!

Jo and her husband did the plan in January and saved £600 by not buying coffees out, meals out, and alcohol in or out!

Here’s a review of the plan by a recent 30 day-er, Lauretta Hanchard

When I started my first “30 days to healthy living & beyond plan” I thought I’d take some photos for myself, so that I could track my progress, just in some underwear, as you do…..well I’m regretting that thong now.
Anyway, this was me in the left before the plan (yes I had let myself go a bit), middle is me after 30 days and on the far right, after 60 days. By cutting out all toxins and joining the support groups, along with the incredibly healthy Arbonne supplements, I’ve easily shifted the weight I put on over Christmas. And some.
I feel amazing. I wasn’t big to start with but the best part of this plan is how I now feel inside. I don’t feel tired, don’t get that afternoon lull, my sugar addiction is cured and I have a new outlook on life. I have learnt so much about food.
I now know exactly what I need to do to stay this size forever and I actually enjoy and want to do it!


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