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Car Window Tinting by PDACAR

Car Window Tinting by PDACAR

PDA Premier Window Tinting provide services for tinting car windows and other vehicles windows as well as conservatory windows and flat glass tinting in homes and offices.

Car Window Tinting and Vehicle Window Tinting

Car window tinting is one of the best ways to improve the look of your vehicle. It adds style and elegance to the appearance and also has other benefits.


In the event of a broken window, tinting film protects the occupants of the vehicle from flying glass by holding shattered glass in place. All our tints provide you with this protection. Furthermore, all our tints offer 98% UV light rejection.

Increased Privacy

Window tinting provides you with improved privacy depending on your selected shade of tint. However please bear in mind the current UK law which states:

“The front passenger and driver side window can only be tinted no less than 70%. Rear windows can be treated in any shade of tint. Windscreens must be clear from tinting apart from a 6″ strip across the top.”

Heat and Light Rejection

Depending on your selection of tint, up to 65% of the Sun’s total energy can be reflected away from your vehicle. If your vehicle is fitted with air-conditioning this should provide savings on your fuel and running costs. Not only that but tinting can reduce interior fading and help maintain the value of your vehicle.

Conservatory and Flat Glass Tinting

Nothing looks or feels better than your own conservatory but with the heat and glare from the sun, we often find it too uncomfortable to use. Previously the answer was to spends large amounts on blinds which only partly solved the problem. However, Tinting has the answer – while keeping 100% of your view, our window tiniting greatly reduces heat and glare and virtually eliminates fading. It also provides privacy during the day, increasing the enjoyment of your conservatory, and it’s maintenance free!! You do nothing.

It is always working, you don’t even have to open or close it!!

Office and Commercial Premises

Heat pours in through unprotected glass & windows causing uneven temperatures, hotspots and a constant battle with air conditioning. Window films keep up to 80% of solar energy out of buildings, resulting in a cooler and more controllable climate.

For more information contact PDA on 01423 329000 or visit www.pdacar.com



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