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An expectant parent, or already a parent – male or female?

Interested in…

  • making connections, building friendships and support networks or pooling resources with other like-minded parents in your area?
  • growing your knowledge and skills alongside your baby/child’s development?
  • accessing exclusive discounts and offers to local businesses?


Then myLifePool is for you There are many varying resources out there for expectant parents and families, both locally and nationally, some free and some chargeable. Here at myLifePool we have combined various resources and built a cohesive, local networking system that works for you, on- and offline.  We are committed to delivering a long-term, relevant and responsive service to our members, coupled with exclusive discounts and benefits.

myLifePool aims to offer you professional and practical information, from nurturing pregnancy to supporting teens. We aim to cover the expected norms but also provide support for the unexpected. We provide unbiased opportunities, guidance and social networking, on- and offline, for dedicated parenting.

Our structure uses networking to build friendships, whilst sharing valuable knowledge, information and pooling resources, supporting you in being; Sensitive    Responsive    Confident    Well informed    Well connected    Resourceful If any of these words describes the type of parent you would like to be, then myLifePool is for you – click here now to apply to become a myLifePoolmember.

Our ethos at myLifePool stems from our myLifePool PROS which are the foundations of myLifePool, and serve as a code of conduct, these are values that underpin our membership system and which we and our members nurture.

Positive Respectful
Openminded Support




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