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post-title New and Innovative Harrogate Antenatal Classes

New and Innovative Harrogate Antenatal Classes

New and Innovative Harrogate Antenatal Classes

New and Innovative Harrogate Antenatal Classes

Harrogate Antenatal Classes are an excellent way to prepare you for becoming a parent for the first time or for growing your family. There are many options to choose from in Harrogate including the NHS Antenatal Classes. The NHS Antenatal Classes https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/antenatal-classes-pregnant/ are free to attend and full of fantastic information and you also get an opportunity to look around the labour ward.

Private Harrogate Antenatal Classes are not there to replace your NHS midwifery care, they aim to reinforce and enhance it. They give you the time and space to focus on the things that matter to you personally and ensure that all your questions and concerns are addressed. They are also a fantastic opportunity to meet other people.

The myLifePool 4B & 2B Harrogate Antenatal Classes

These new and innovative Harrogate antenatal classes cover more than just your pregnancy and birth. The Harrogate 4B and 2B Antenatal Classes support you through pregnancy, labour and the imminent changes to your family dynamics, relationships and lifestyle. They enable you to make independent, realistic and well-informed choices about your bump, baby and well-being.

4B & 2B what is the difference?

4B Harrogate Antenatal classes are for first time parents, it covers all the things that you need to and want to know. The classes aim to answer all your questions and they are a great way to make connections with other expectant couples.
2B Harrogate Antenatal Classes are for parents who have been there before and want to refresh their knowledge. Being reminded of the important things to focus on when you already have a busy family is important. The 2B course is also a great opportunity to take time out as a couple and meet other parents at the same stage as you.

You can book onto either of these Harrogate Antenatal Classes following your 20-week scan. This enables you to be fully informed throughout your pregnancy. The courses cover all the usual topics that you would expect like:

How to make healthy pregnancy choices for you and your baby
Fetal movements
Labour, birthing and pain relief options
Feeding your baby
Bathing and caring for your baby
Coping strategies, mental and emotional well-being
Support systems and friendships

In addition to these they also cover progressive and mindful subjects like birth mapping and post-natal depression in men. You can read more about what they offer here https://www.mylifepool.co.uk/harrogate-antenatal-classes-3/

What makes the 4B & 2B Harrogate antenatal classes innovative?

The 4B Harrogate Antenatal Courses are brought to you by myLifePool, a unique lifestyle Harrogate parenting community. When you book onto either the 4B or 2B Antenatal Classes you are given 4 months FREE access to the myLifePool community.

The myLifePool platform opens the door to a lifetime of friendships, social connections and relevant support networks. This ensures that you have support throughout your parenting journey not just your pregnancy.

myLifePool operates a busy events calendar with regular weekly meet ups. Whether its dog walking, exercise, lunch or a night out, there are meet ups for everyone. As a result, you can connect with other local parents at a similar stage of parenting as you, with similar interests. It ensures that you have connections, friendship and support from the day your baby arrives.

In addition to all of this…

You gain access to our many discounts and offers with local businesses. It therefore makes socialising, shopping and exercising with a family more affordable.

Harrogate Hypnobirthing Course

With myLifepool’s support you don’t have to choose between Harrogate Antenatal Classes and hypnobirthing, you can do both! You can access a 2-hour Harrogate hypnobirthing course for only £25 and follow this up with Harrogate Pregnancy Relaxation classes,  also at a discounted rate.

For more information and to book onto a Harrogate Hypnobirthing Course CLICK HERE

For more information and to book onto Harrogate Pregnancy Relaxation Classes CLICK HERE

Antenatal Breastfeeding Workshop

Knowing how important to feel prepared in all areas, myLifePool works with First Infant Feeding to bring you an antenatal Harroagte breastfeeding course. Following on from the Harrogate Antenatal Classes you can access this course at only £25. It is an informal 2-hour session where you can access practical, useful and often surprising information. The course includes topics like:

Becoming parents, the importance of getting to know baby in pregnancy
Common myths
Breastfeeding and health – for mum and baby
How breastfeeding works, including how Dad can help
Practical hints and tips
Expressing breastmilk and storing safely
Your support networks

To book onto this Harrogate breastfeeding course or for more info CLICK HERE

What about postnatal support?

The myLifePool community has that covered too. They have teamed up with local professionals to bring you follow on private services at an affordable price. Support is currently available for:

Professionally led weekly breastfeeding / feeding support
Weaning support
One to one support with an expert lactation consultant
Career coaching (helping you manage maternity leave and return to work)
Parenting Courses
Grandparenting Courses

For more information and to book onto a course…

The myLifePool Harrogate Antenatal Classes offer more than just antenatal support. They open the door to ongoing and continued parenting support, from conception, for life. To find out more about these courses CLICK HERE

4B Harrogate Antenatal Classes BOOK HERE

2B Harrogate Antenatal Classes BOOK HERE

4B Harrogate Antenatal Classes – myLifePool



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