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post-title The Secrets to Online Success

The Secrets to Online Success

The Secrets to Online Success

The Secrets to Online Success

An online presence isn’t merely about having a website. People need to be able to find you easily and, when they do, want to stay on your site long enough to discover why they should use your business.

So, how do you do this? Here’s a handy go-to list of ways you can increase your business’ online profile and how this can then translate into people coming to you when they require whatever it is you provide.

Content drives your website and one way of ensuring there is new content on your site daily is by blogging. Posting blogs give a personal touch to the business and provides potential customers with an insight into all areas of the business. Blogging also shows that your company has something new to say each day and is a method of keeping people interested in your page, rather than looking elsewhere.

Be Mobile friendly. It is a fact that people will quite often prefer to use their mobiles to do online searches as it is much more accessible than a PC or laptop. Ensure your site is mobile friendly and that customers can scroll easily through pages and are signposted to different areas of the site without any trouble. One business which illustrates the effectiveness of mobile-friendly sites very well is Bedstar. Customers who buy beds and mattresses from bedstar.co.uk have access to a mobile-friendly site which makes it simple to browse products and ultimately, to make a purchase.

Get social. If you haven’t a presence on social media, then you are missing out on a valuable online resource. Your business should be on every relevant and emerging social media site there is, because whatever your business involves, you will want to take advantage of the fact that a variety of demographics use these sites daily.

Beat the competition with competitions! Be it a service or a product, everybody loves something for free. Use social media to present a competition and users will do the hard work for you by liking or sharing your page and product in order to win a prize. Your business could also then pop up on competition forums and other active pages.

Online trends change and evolve frequently so it is important to keep on top of things by doing your research and providing fresh content for your company every single day. If you nurture your business you will soon reap the rewards and could have a thriving business.

About Chris Smith-Dunn

I am the owner and operator of Harrogate Online. A web designer by trade I run my own web design company called Imyge Net and design websites for companies large and small and both locally and world wide.If, after reading this you would like your own articles or stories posted on Harrogate Online then please email me at info@harrogateonline.co.uk.