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standard-title Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1.    Subject to the terms of this Agreement Local National will use its best endeavours to publish and maintain the Advertiser’s page or pages (“the Pages”) on harrogateonline.co.uk (“the Website”)
2.    The Pages are submitted to Local National for publication on the following terms:
2.1    The Advertiser will retain copyright and all property rights in the content of its  Pages;
2.2    Subject to 2.4 below, the Advertiser may change the Pages at any time;
2.3    The Advertiser is responsible for supplying all content, including copy, images, photographs and logo for the Pages;
2.4    Local National reserves the right at any time to reject or remove from the Website any page or part of any page at its absolute discretion;
2.5    The Advertiser warrants that the content of the Pages from time to time will not
2.5.1    infringe the intellectual property of any third party,
2.5.2    breach any rights capable of protection at law,
2.5.3    cause offence to any person, or
2.5.4    constitute a breach of statutory duty or criminal offence and irrevocably indemnifies Local National against all actions, costs, claims, demands and liability whatsoever arising from the publication on the Website of material supplied by the Advertiser.
3.     Local National will seek to maintain the Website and to maximise its search engine placement, but subject to the proviso below this Agreement excludes on the part of Local National all and every liability for
3.1    failure of the Website or any part of it howsoever caused and for whatever period of time;
3.2    any loss, claim, expenditure or costs including loss of profit or loss of opportunity incurred whether directly or indirectly as a result of such failure;
3.3    failure of the Website to achieve any specific search engine placement;
3.4    removal of the whole or any part of the Advertiser’s content from the Website;
3.5    any copy or other reference to the content of the Pages by a third party;
PROVIDED THAT Local National will refund to the Advertiser any charges (calculated at a daily rate) paid under this Agreement which relate to a period longer than 6 consecutive days when the Pages were for any reason not published on the Website.
4.    This Agreement shall take effect for a minimum period selected on registration from the date on which the pages appear on the Website and will continue thereafter until
4.1    Local National notifies the Advertiser that it will no longer maintain the Pages on the Website, or
4.2    the Advertiser terminates this Agreement by giving Local National not less than 30 days’ notice in writing.
5.     The Advertiser shall pay Local National at Local National’s charging rate applicable for the time being for publication on the Website without deduction with effect from the first date of publication of the Pages on the following terms:
5.1    the Advertiser agrees to pay in full and inadvance for period selected on registration for the Pages published on the Website;

5.2    Local National will notify the Advertiser of any increase in charging rates by email not less than 45 days before it takes effect.