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post-title Town Pastors, Harrogate: volunteers wanted!

Town Pastors, Harrogate: volunteers wanted!

Town Pastors, Harrogate: volunteers wanted!

Town Pastors, Harrogate: volunteers wanted!

town-pastorsDo you have a teenage child who goes out with friends in Harrogate at night? Do you wonder how safe they are and who is there to look after them if there is any trouble? Town Pastors, in orange jackets, have been in Harrogate on Friday nights for nearly 9 years, offering free hot and cold drinks, soup, chocolate, company and help when needed. Their van provides a safe place to sit for anyone feeling ill, or anxious, or who has been separated from friends for any reason.

The Town Pastors provide the same help to everyone who comes along. They have free sleeping bags and clothes in cold weather for the homeless, and slippers for the girls whose shoes hurt too much to wear any longer.

Although this is a Christian organisation, the purpose is non-judgmentally and simply to provide what people need, and there is no evangelism of any sort. Several of the volunteers are non-believers.   The Town Pastors are always looking for more volunteers: there is no formal rota or minimum commitment, and no cost (except time). If you would like to consider joining this worthwhile project, just call at the van on Oxford Street any Friday night at 9.15 for a warm welcome and to find out more.

Contact us through our facebook page:


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